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Jacqueline Marie O'Connel
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Hello! My name is Jacqueline Marie but you can call me Jackie or Mars. Either one is fine. Neither is my real name though. I wish my name was Jacqueline. Frackin awesome name right there! If you've known me before my sudden name change, hehehe... You guys know my real name. But, for the newbies, my name shall be Jaqueline. You can also call me Chibi Hetalia or Hetalia-tan!

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Nationality Stamp - U.K. by MissBezz + Nationality Stamp -Philippines by MissBezz
Nationality Stamp -Philippines by MissBezz + Nationality Stamp - Canada by MissBezz
Nationality Stamp - Germany by MissBezz + Nationality Stamp -Philippines by MissBezz
Nationality Stamp -Philippines by MissBezz + Nationality Stamp - America by MissBezz
Nationality Stamp - Italy by MissBezz + Nationality Stamp -Philippines by MissBezz
Nationality Stamp -Philippines by MissBezz + Nationality Stamp - Japan by MissBezz

I am a complete Hetalia fangirl! Wah! I am Pinoy and I'm proud too! I currently live in Columbia, MO

I usually write! Sorry to disappoint, but yeah!


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Of Knights, Kings and Broken Promises

Pairing: Various!Hetalia x Nerdy!Shy!Bullied!Reader
AU: Gakuen Hetalia

“Hey, you big bully! Get away from her!”

You let out a soft whimper, cowering from your position on the ground. You don’t even want to look up, in fear of what was above you, even though you can hear the scrambling of sneakers across the pavement.

It’s recess and you’re on the asphalt part of the playground. Maria Beilschmidt, your daily tormentor, along with her two best friends have just gotten finished pushing you to the ground. Their words are still stinging in your head, you can hear what they say over and over again.

‘Chubby cheeks’, ‘Miss Piggy’, ‘Loser’, ‘Ugly’. You wonder where they could’ve gotten these nicknames for you when you realise it’s probably just because you’re different.

Everyone your age here was outgoing. People who weren’t were made fun of. You, Matthew Williams and Feliks Łukasiewicz were these people. Everyone else—like Katyusha Braginski or Lilli Zwingli—that should be bullied too weren’t because they were protected by their siblings.

Even Matthew had a sibling, Alfred, that kept Maria at bay most days and Feliks had his unbreakable spirit, but you... No, you are a lone child and the constant enemy number one.

Luckily, when your tormentor comes, so does your saviour.

“[Nickname], are you alright?” You can hear his thick accented voice hit your ears and your whimpering stops.

Slowly, you manage to nod and get up with the help of his hand “Y-Yeah, I-I’m fine, Danny.”

Daniel Héderváry scowls at your response but that doesn’t take away from his adorable childish features. His shoulder brown hair is ruffled and his ponytail is loose which means that the bullies must've shoved him around in their escape. Still, he knows that you’re not alright and he grows frustrated that those bullies would swoop in right when he wasn’t there.

“Sajnálom.” He quickly apologises as his emerald eyes scan over your small build to see if you had any injuries to take care of “I shouldn’t have left you...”

“Oh, don’t be silly. I-I’m fine, Danny. Really.” You quickly reassure him only to be pulled into a hug.

He’s taller than you, being a couple years older and all, but it feels like you fit perfectly in his arms. It feels like home and he buries his face into the crook of your neck. You’re only in fourth grade but this already feels like true love. The thought makes your cheeks, ears and the nape of your neck warm up.

“I pinky promise—boy scout honour!—that I’ll never ever let anything hurt you ever again!” He says so determinedly that your little innocent mind couldn’t help but believe him “I’m going to protect you.”

He never really did come through with that promise, did he?

You wouldn’t blame him. You’ve always been such a quiet and reserved girl, one that preferred the sidelines. Daniel was sweet and had a personality very much like you but he... he was born for the spotlight.

He has this smile that lights the room,  his green eyes capture his emotions so perfectly and he has the charm of a knight and a prince rolled into one.

He’s perfect and you’re not.

It’s no surprise that he drifted away from you. It started in middle school, he met a girl named Rebecka and she took up too much of his time. Slowly, you were pushed out like a forgotten doll on the shelf.

Rebecka was a childhood friend of Maria’s, no matter how much the two argued and everything, and that meant Daniel hung out a lot with Maria too. They made a trio that left you in the dust.

Sure, Daniel checked up on you every now and then. A quick ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ or maybe a ‘Can you hang out?’. The answers were always ‘Fine.’ or ‘No, I’m busy.’ and he was gone again.

That was technically your own fault. You didn’t want to be a burden, he seemed to be having too much fun without you anyway.

Now, it’s the first year of high school and it’s your first day, first lunch period. Daniel is on his junior year and you can see him in the sea of tables and people. He’s laughing loudly, arm around Maria securely.

They had gotten together, forgotten about you together. Maria, not so much. She taunts you, she’s gotten better at pushing you down. Daniel either doesn’t care or doesn’t know.

Still, that’s beside the point. You can see your best friend, Nikolai Braginski, in the very far table. He’s sitting with Nicolas de Burgh and Huiliang Wang. When Daniel left you for dirt, these people are the ones that took you in.

All of you are misfits.

Nikolai is the brother of Katyusha, Anya and Ivan Braginski. He’s notorious for being extremely scary and there are rumours of him scattered around school—some about his dagger/knife collection while others about how he killed a man with a butter knife just because the stranger touched his sister, Anya—but you know he’s a good guy. You're not going to deny the scary thing though, he really is downright frightening most of the time. It didn't help that he was the quiet type either, that just made him even more intimidating. How a big scary Belorussian guy like him got to be your best friend... You're never going to know! But he keeps Maria away most days at school so you're very thankful.

The next misfit is Huiliang. He has this huge family of Asian cousins, brothers and sisters but he doesn’t fit in with any of them. He’s also a pyromaniac and tried to set fire to François’ hair in the sixth grade so a lot of people tended to avoid him. He was suspended for a week for that but he says he doesn’t regret it. Apparently, François, Antonia and Maria had just gotten done with bullying you for the day and he wanted to do something about it. 'Payback's a bitch so I had to do somethin' bitchy... Why not light the girl’s hair?' was his exact words. Despite being Chinese, he was very Americanised, that was for sure.

Then there’s Nicolas de Burgh. His older sister’s name is Tessa and she’s in the same grade as Daniel. You don’t know why Nicolas is in your group. He's a sophomore with beautiful blonde locks and shimmering sea green eyes. He should be popular, that was obvious but you like yelling Nick and seeing both Nikolai and Nicolas’ heads turn so you keep him around. Nicolas is a great baker too and loves to cook a lot. This gave Maria and her posse a reason to pick at him—nobody was safe from them, not even the dudes—but he keeps his chin up and you guys help him on his down days. Hey, he even brings foods for you guys to try out.

But all of that is extra detail, just the past. It’s back to the present where you’re standing there with your books in your arms. You want to get to your table with your misfits but, the thing is, Daniel is in the way.

Most people wouldn’t think that as a big obstacle but you do. You don’t want to see him in fear that he tries to talk to you. You don’t want to talk to him because, well, you’re selfish and you want to keep him out of your life. As a sort of punishment for slowly pushing you out of his, I guess.

Pushing up your glasses, you notice that your friends are staring at you. Nikolai is the first to realise why you haven't come over yet. You know this because his steely eyes land on Daniel’s before going back to you. He rolls his eyes, which makes the corners of your mouth twitch up, before hastily gesturing for you to get the fuck over there.

You decide to comply. What’s the worst that could happen?

Apparently, you have the worst luck in the world because, as you pass behind Daniel’s chair, he notices you and takes your arm.

You’re forced to turn around and face his gorgeous smile “[Nickname]! Come sit with us!”

He talks to you so familiarly that it almost—almost—makes you cringe but you hold in the urge to yell at him. He had no more right calling you that odd ball nickname. Still, your timid nature doesn’t let you tell him that.

“I-I’m sorry, D-Daniel. I-I— I-It’s just that—“ You’re floundering and, the longer you stutter, the more you notice all the eyes on you. This makes your face heat up in embarrassment and you hope to god that your [s/c] skin doesn’t make the blush too obvious (though it probably does).

Daniel is waiting for a complete sentence though. One that, it seems, you could not provide. Your [e/c] eyes keep looking everywhere but on him and you just keep fumbling.

Then, thankfully, you feel someone place their hand right above where Daniel has his hand on your arm. With a small tug, Daniel was removed and you look up to see it’s Nikolai with your two other dorks flanking him.

You can feel the tension rise.

“Sorry, the girl is with us.” Nikolai says in his usual cold tone, one that reflected just how harsh winters were in Belarus. That was his entire personality even; cold, steely and heartless.

Daniel, however, seems surprised by Nikolai’s interruption and frowns “E-Excuse me?”

“You heard me, pretty boy. Come on, [Nickname]. Let us leave before he can do anymore damage.” Nikolai replies smoothly and his hand moves from your forearm to your hand. His palm feels freezing but you welcome the action all too happily as you’re led away from the astonished popular table.

Nicolas only laughs that boyish laugh of his and his arm wraps around your shoulders “Ohhh, Nikolai, you sly dog. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Huiliang is in front of all three of you but you had made out a smirk on his usually stoic face earlier. You’re guessing he’s also impressed by the feat that Nikolai seemed to have pulled off.

You yourself are still dazed but the sudden tightening of Nikolai’s hand makes you look up at him. His beautiful eyes are trained forward but they’re hard and they look so angry.

“I was not going to be letting pretty boy step all over her. And someone needed to put him in his right place.” His accent seemed to thicken as he talked though his voice was monotone. All of us knew this was just a measure of how angry he really was “I am not letting anyone hurt her, not anymore and especially not by pretty boys who think they can do whatever they want.”

This time, for some weird reason, you find yourself believing his every word.
(1) Of Knights, Kings and Empty Promises
Why? More like why not?

Yeppers, another series. It's going to be something like...
:iconspainbuttplz: + :iconfrancerapedfaceplz: + :iconprussiapantsplz: + :icongaryisnotamusedplz: vs :iconmalebelarus::iconmalebelgiumplz::iconummmhkplz:

Possible endings
--Spain: Antonio Carriedo
--France: Francis Bonnefoy
--Prussia: Gilbert Beilschmidt
--Male!Hungary: Daniel Héderváry
--Male!Belarus: Nikolai Braginski
--Male!Belgium: Nicolas de Burgh
--Hong Kong: Huiliang Wang

Other names that were used
--Fem!Prussia: Maria Beilschmidt
--Canada: Matthew Willaims
--Poland: Feliks Łukasiewicz
--Ukraine: Katyusha Braginski
--Liechtenstein: Lilli Zwingli
--Fem!Austria: Rebecka Edelstein
--Fem!Russia: Anya Braginski
--Russia: Ivan Braginski
--Fem!FranceFrançois Bonnefoy
--Fem!Spain: Antonia Carriedo
--Fem!Holland: Tessa de Burgh

Next C O M I N G  S O O N :pointr:
:pointl: T H I S  I S  T H E  F I R S T  C H A P T E R Previous
“How are you feeling?”

“B-Better.” You managed to stammer, looking down at the small plastic cup of water in your hands.
You’ve finally gotten a drink so your voice is... not as bad as before. You don’t know any other way to put it. It’s still a bit sore but it’s easier for you to talk now. Though, when you talk, you hear an unfamiliar voice. That’s what everything seems to be.


As your thumb rubs against the smooth mouth of the cup, you wonder why your hands suddenly feel so much bigger too. Why your body feels so much bigger. You see some of your reflexion off the water’s surface in the cup but it’s not enough to be able to make out features. Did you grow during your supposed coma?

Yeah, coma. It wasn’t explained to you at all. You overheard everyone else from outside. Something about an accident, that it wasn’t somebody’s fault and that really old man said ‘At least she’s out of her coma.’

You figured that you might’ve gotten into an accident because of somebody and went into a coma. It’s surprising you even know what that is but you do. It’s when you sleep for a really long time like you’re dead but you’re really not, right?

As you stared at the cup and thought, Daniel stared at you. You don’t seem to notice though which is good since it was slightly creepy.

He’s sitting in front of you on the bed, his green eyes trained only on you. His legs are crossed and his hands are on his lap as he makes mental notes of how you’re acting.

It’s odd for you to be so silent; your personality was like a ball of sunlight that encompassed the room, big and bright. Now, you seemed to just want to cave into yourself, curl into a defensive ball and never come back out.

What’s worse, you only answered in one word sentences. Daniel might be overreacting but this could also be an indicator for brain damage.

“She panics when I’m in there so you’ll take turns accompanying her. You can tell me if there’s anything off about her and call me immediately if there’s any drastic changes.”
There was definite drastic changes.

Even Noah, the friend you’ve known only since recently, can tell. This was the opposite of your usual personality. Was that a side effect of the accident or something more sinister?

“I-I need t-to go.”

The sudden sound of your voice pulls both of them out of their thoughts. They had the same confused look on their faces, the same blank eyes. There was nowhere you needed to go... Plus, what place would you remember to go to so suddenly after such a long coma?

You seemed serious though. Daniel could tell from where he was sitting, in front of your own sitting form, on the bed. Noah, though, sat in a chair next to your bed and he can only see the side of your face.

“Go where?” Noah was the first to speak up, his voice quivering though he tried his hardest not to stutter. He needed to be calm, Daniel was still shell shocked that you even said a word let alone finally looked both of them in the eyes.

After a long pause, you answered “School.”

“[Name], you don’t have any classes this week, it’s Spring Break.” Daniel finally snapped out of his reverie, his frown worsening though it did not take away from his handsome features.

“Oh, man, Ms. Karpusi is going to kill me.” Is the only thing you added in a soft mumble since you realised that it was pretty late in the school year already. It was Spring Break this week after all! Spring Break was near the end of the school year! How long were you in that coma for?

Daniel looked to Noah and Noah returned the stare. Not only was this the first time that your old personality started peeking out but you were also talking about your Math Teacher.

Correction, your Math teacher you had in 6th grade.

“What are you talking about, [Nickname]?” Daniel asks nervously, an anxious smile spreading across his lips. Unlike Daniel, Noah did not hesitate to show how uneasy this made him.

Your weak eyes travelled to meet your own reflected in the cup and you only sunk further in despair “M-My friends a-are probably worried t-too...”

“Of course we are.” Noah couldn’t help but interject, looking hurt. The way you had worded it made it sound like the two of them weren’t your friends. This bothered Daniel and he was about to reach for your arm when you recoiled, causing the cup in your hand to splash onto the cold tiled floor.

“E-E-Excuse m-me? I-I’ve n-never seen either o-of you in my en-entire life!” You stutter out, sitting up straighter and scooting away from both men. The thought that they were your friends scared you. They looked way too old. Heck, they looked like they could be as old as some college kids!

Daniel felt his chest tighten at this new found information. For some reason, his lungs were forgetting how to breathe. Everything felt like it was shattering “[Name], I’ve known you ever since you were born. I was there, in the hospital room. How could you say that?”

“N-No, you weren’t!” You scream, getting hysterical and upset as you shake your head violently “Th-Th-The only people th-there that day was my father, my m-mother, their friends a-and Danny...”

Noah was near tears. He didn’t know what to say, what to do. Daniel looked like he was just broken in half, punched in the face and then spit on. Honestly, his expression was heart breaking.

“That's me, you call me Danny... [Name], what’s gotten into you?”
(3) Amnesiac: Various!Hetalia x Reader


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Also, you can request for me to do another character too! If you want?? justpleasevote

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I am a stupid goddamn idiot. Oh, god, guys! I am so sorry. So, basically, what happened waaas... Hehehee...

I forgot my password, made a new account, forgot the password to that one, made a new one and then my friend told me the password to both accounts... 

I am so sorry I am an idiot. 

Since then, though, my writing has improved and I've decided one thing: I'm scrapping all of the fanfictions I have here and I'm gonna' redo all of them. Of course, it's all going to happen really quick. I'll redo them in word then, when all of them are done, I'll replace and scrap. Gotcha? 

So don't panic! I'm going to be gone again for a while but, this time, you know it's because I'm writing! It might be a while though because I have school and stuff. I'm gonna make this work! 

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