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3-31-2015 by ChibiHetaliaTan 3-31-2015 :iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 0 0
(1) Of Knights, Kings and Empty Promises
Of Knights, Kings and Broken Promises
Pairing: Various!Hetalia x Nerdy!Shy!Bullied!Reader
AU: Gakuen Hetalia
“Hey, you big bully! Get away from her!”
You let out a soft whimper, cowering from your position on the ground. You don’t even want to look up, in fear of what was above you, even though you can hear the scrambling of sneakers across the pavement.
It’s recess and you’re on the asphalt part of the playground. Maria Beilschmidt, your daily tormentor, along with her two best friends have just gotten finished pushing you to the ground. Their words are still stinging in your head, you can hear what they say over and over again.
‘Chubby cheeks’, ‘Miss Piggy’, ‘Loser’, ‘Ugly’. You wonder where they could’ve gotten these nicknames for you when you realise it’s probably just because you’re different.
Everyone your age here was outgoing. People who weren’
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 17 3
(3) Amnesiac: Various!Hetalia x Reader
“How are you feeling?”
“B-Better.” You managed to stammer, looking down at the small plastic cup of water in your hands.
You’ve finally gotten a drink so your voice is... not as bad as before. You don’t know any other way to put it. It’s still a bit sore but it’s easier for you to talk now. Though, when you talk, you hear an unfamiliar voice. That’s what everything seems to be.
As your thumb rubs against the smooth mouth of the cup, you wonder why your hands suddenly feel so much bigger too. Why your body feels so much bigger. You see some of your reflexion off the water’s surface in the cup but it’s not enough to be able to make out features. Did you grow during your supposed coma?
Yeah, coma. It wasn’t explained to you at all. You overheard everyone else from outside. Something about an accident, that it wasn’t somebody’s fault and that really old man said ‘At least she’s out o
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 4 3
(2) Amnesiac: Various!Hetalia x Reader
The doctor clears his throat, attracting everyone but the girl’s attention. [Name] looks too panicked, curled up and blocking out all of this stress. Either way, he didn’t need her, just everyone else. He motions them to follow him outside.
“I don’t know what’s going on with Ms. [L. Name] but, clearly all of you can’t be in there at once.” He says with authority once the door is closed. He’s a doctor after all, he knows what his patients need medical wise “She seems to be under great anxiety. To be honest though, the accident brought a great deal of stress to everyone.”
At the mention of the accident, all the men frowned. It seemed to inflict a sort of mental pain for them, one of them in particular.
Before the accident, all of them had been great friends with [Name].
She knew Daniel Hédeváry the best, the Hungarian boy had been with her since she was born. That, in turn, also meant that Roderich Edelstein, Vl
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 2 0
Amnesiac: Various!Hetalia x Reader
The first thing you remember is pain. It shoots through your head like a bullet, squeezing your skull and applying pressure right behind your eyes. You wonder why you feel like you got ran over by a truck.
The next thing you feel is more pain but, this time, it’s pain from your eyes. You peel your eyelids open very much like you would peel a band-aid and you almost screech at the bright light that shone in your face. You wonder why it’s there.
Your hearing is blurred, like someone had stuffed cotton balls into your ears, but you know someone is talking to you. Your vision is also impaired and it takes you a few blinks to finally see clearly.
By this time, your arm is up to shield you from the glaring light. Your head is still pounding, drumming, and you are unaware of where you are. There is a dull pain settling everywhere on your body. Every time you moved, you could feel your joints protest sorely as if they had not moved for millennia.
“—[Nickname]?” De
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 14 0
Mature content
[Younger!America-x-Male!Reader] Save Me: Chapter 1 :iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 8 1
Believe in Me: Chapter 5--Shit Just Hit the Fan
“Where did she go?” Britain snapped, growling as he paced to and from one side of the length of the bench to the next
“How did you get here anyway?” France scoffed, crossing his arms as he leaned back in the bench he sat and watched Britain pace
“Terra… I think that’s her name?” America grinned sheepishly before chuckling “She brought us here, same as you guys.”
“Y-You’re all better then, America?” Canada perked up at this, though a still worried look on his face since they hadn’t found [Name] in hours
“I hope she’s alright.” China piped, frowning as well “She was very nice—aru!”
“Whoever took her will definitely suffer a slow and painful death.” Was Russia’s reply to China, an innocent yet scary grin on his face
Everybody else gulped nervously, flinching aw
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 2 3
Believe in Me:Chapter 4--Stay on the Bench
Everyone, except maybe Canada and Britain, visibly flinched
“What?” Terra growled, crossing her arms
Germany was the first one to speak “Y-You’re—?”
“Terra, at your service!” The girl bowed slightly though rather angrily
Britain nodded though didn’t say anything since he was slightly afraid that it was going to cause another coughing fit
“Terra! We were just talking about—!” Canada smiled at Terra but the girl only put her hand up to stop him
“Listen, I don’t care about what you’re talking about.” Terra snapped at the blonde Canadian, the very first time in practically centuries “We need to save your universe
≧◉◡◉≦ (Later, somewhere else)
Sitting back down, [Name] sighed. She still hadn’t decided whether to go home or to walk across the street to the café
Sighing once more, she leaned back and placed her bag beside her
Well, she
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 2 0
Believe in Me: Chapter 4--To the Cafe
Everyone, except maybe Canada and England, visibly flinched
“What?” Terra growled, crossing her arms
Germany was the first one to speak “Y-You’re—?”
“Terra, at your service!” The girl bowed slightly though rather angrily
“Terra! Then you can save Mister Britain and Mister America right?” Italy immediately stood, his face expectant “And Mister Russia too?”
Terra’s anger vanished almost immediately, a sad smile spreading onto her face “Well, that’s why I’m here!”
“R-Really? And you will make sure that nobody else is going to get hurt too, right?” Italy added, looking a bit more like his usually cheery self “L-Like fratello? And Japan? And Germany? And Big Brother Spain a-and—?”
“Yes, Italy.” Terra nodded, her smile turning even more cheery and less sad “But you have to listen to me, okay? We need to save your universe.”
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 2 2
Believe in Me: Chapter 3 (Going Home..?)
“What’s your opinion, Russia?”
Russia flinched, his head pounding as his eyes clenched shut. It was his turn to feel the pulsating pain in his head, right behind his eyes. It felt like his brain was being ripped apart and slammed against the walls of his skull. Russia was a strong country but even this migraine crippled him.
“M-Mister Ru-Russia? A-Are you alright?” Lithuania turned from Britain and America to Russia, who was sitting beside him
“D-Da.” Russia nodded though with slight difficulty, his teeth clenched as he gripped his head with one hand though he had to add the second one when the pain only seemed to increase “Just a headache.”
“This is unprecedented…” Japan looked at England and America before also turning to Russia “Three countries, all injured in one day? Nothing like this has happened since World War II…”
“What do you think is going on, Japan?” Italy cried, a scared l
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 2 3
Believe in Me: Chapter Two--The Nurse
“Hon? You alright?”
Her eyes fluttering open, she sat up as she clutched her head, cringing when the bright sunlight shone through her squinting eyelids. The nasally voice of the nurse was all too familiar. She was the new one, not the kinder one that [Name] was so used to. Still, she felt disorientated.
“Wh-Wha..?” Her voice was a hoarse whisper-y stutter.
“You’re in the Nurse’s Office, hon!” The woman gave her a cheesy smile before pushing her back down onto a laying position “Someone found you collapsed in the hallway…”
“O-Oh…” The realization hit her like a ball to the face. She remembers now. “I-I…”
“Don’t worry ‘bout it, hon! You were only unconscious for a few minutes!” The woman grinned at her before turning away to type at her computer “By the way, what’s your name?”
“[Name] [M. Name] [L. Name].” She solemnly answered, know
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 2 0
Believe in Me: Chapter One (Schizophrenic)
“Britain! I-I don’t know wh-what’s happening…” The blonde removed his hand from his nose, gazing horror-stricken at the crimson blood splattered on his palm. He felt the blood ooze down from his nose, into the corner of his mouth and he could definitely taste iron tang of it on his tongue
“Wh-What did you do, America?” Canada started getting concerned as well, his eyebrows furrowed and his violet eyes flooding with worry “I-Is it like..?”
“N-No, I don’t… think so…” America muttered rather uncertainly, trying his best to wipe away most of the blood onto his clothes
Britain cringed. Despite the serious situation, he still could not help but be an English gentleman at heart. Shaking his head, he hands America a box of tissues from the middle of the meeting table “You bloody dolt! Don’t be so barbaric!”
“What is wrong?” Russia piped in, a look of slight
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 5 2
The Different AUs of Hetalia: Light
The Different AUs of Hetalia: Light
I had been in this dark closet for a while now. I don’t know what I did to even deserve this damn punishment. I guess it was because I fell in love with someone I shouldn’t have
A 2p!Country
I thought it was really stupid, that they would lock me up because of that reason. It wasn’t my fault that I fell in love, now was it? That’s why you call it falling in love, after all! You can’t make yourself fall, it just happens
But now the Countries I used to call my friends think that I have to stay here because they poisoned me to think that they were good, the 2p!Countries. And the 1p!Countries are also scared. I know a lot about them, you know.
I can’t believe it was going to end like this. I’m being starved and deprived of everything
How long has it been since I’ve been shoved into here? How long do I have left? I can
barely even move. I was so tired and dehydrated. I ca
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 3 0
The Different AUs of Hetalia: Love
The Different AUs of Hetalia: 2p!Hetalia--Love
“What the hell are you writing about now, bella?” Luciano looked over my shoulder
I let out a surprised squeal, covering the notebook on my desk with my arms as soon as he dared to look “N-Nothing!”
“You’re writing another fanfiction story, aren’t you?” He growled, glaring at me slightly
I looked thoughtful for a moment, trying to think about whether I should tell him it’s about him and Oliver, before shaking my head in denial “N-No I’m not!”
“Liar.” He hissed before trying to get the paper away from me
“What are you two doing..?” Oliver seemed to just magically walk into the room
“How the hell are you two getting into my house..?!” I huffed, glaring at Luciano who was still trying to snatch the notebook away from me
“What is this anyway?” Oliver easily to
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 3 1
Prom Gone Right: Luciano Vargas
“I am so sorry, Ollie…” [Name] muttered under her breath before running out the door, a determined look on her face as she raced to the house Luciano and Leonardo shared.
Slightly panting, the girl immediately started practically banging on the door “Leonardo? Luciano?”
“[N-Name]? N-Now isn’t really a good time to—!” Was Leonardo’s response as he opened the door but the girl just ignored him and continued racing up the stairs and to Luciano’s door.
“L-Luci? I-I know you’re there!” She knocked on the door, her face worried.
The Italian boy only holed himself in his study when something was bugging him and it usually led him to do rather harsh things.
“Go away, amore…” She heard him grumble “Now is not the time!”
“Then when is? Huh?” Snapped the girl, taking a pin from her hair—which resulted in it falling to its normal [h/l] length—and picking the l
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 30 2
Prom Gone Right: Allan Jones
[Warning: There is swearing and I don't want to offend anyone so... Please don't read if you can't tolerate swear words!]
Sighing softly, [Name] placed her hand at the back of Oliver’s neck before placing a chaste kiss on his forehead “Thanks… I hope you get out of your dump, okay?”
Oliver nodded and [Name] immediately recognized the realization and sadness in his blue eyes “I wish you luck too…”
“Thanks!” The girl couldn’t help but smile sadly before thumping up the stairs and bounding into Allan’s room
“Yo. What the fuck do you want now?” The American laid on his back, his arm covering his eyes “Because my stomach is still having damn troubles eating that bastard’s sweet-fucked cupcakes! Damn, I wonder if you’re fucking diabetic yet!”
“Hey…” [Name] sat herself beside her best friend, the bed shifting ever so slightly as she tried to pry his arm off of his eyes
:iconchibihetaliatan:ChibiHetaliaTan 45 8

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I am a complete Hetalia fangirl! Wah! I am Pinoy and I'm proud too! I currently live in Columbia, MO

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I am a stupid goddamn idiot. Oh, god, guys! I am so sorry. So, basically, what happened waaas... Hehehee...

I forgot my password, made a new account, forgot the password to that one, made a new one and then my friend told me the password to both accounts... 

I am so sorry I am an idiot. 

Since then, though, my writing has improved and I've decided one thing: I'm scrapping all of the fanfictions I have here and I'm gonna' redo all of them. Of course, it's all going to happen really quick. I'll redo them in word then, when all of them are done, I'll replace and scrap. Gotcha? 

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